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Internal Audit Functions
The Internal Audit Department is a consulting and assurance function which is established in the University with the main objective of providing Management at all levels with assurance that:

Adequate and sound internal control systems are in existence in all the University’s Administration departments, Faculties and Institutes, and,
The University’s policies and operational procedures are being complied with.
The Department discharges this function by:

  • Ascertaining whether operations in all the departments of the University are underpinned by internal control systems that are adequate to enable each department to mitigate all risk exposures and achieve those objectives for which the department was set up.
  • Recommending the establishment of appropriate internal control systems in areas where such systems are either not in existence or are considered to be inadequate for the purposes of risk mitigation and achievement of objectives,
  • Ensuring that recommendations agreed to by management are implemented, and,
  • Communicating, (through internal audit reports), the results of audit work carried out to Departmental Management, the Vice Chancellor and the Audit Committee of the University Council.


The Department reports to the Vice Chancellor and the Audit Committee. This reporting structure is designed to ensure that the Department maintains independence from the operational departments it audits, so that audit work can be carried out objectively and confidentiality is maintained in the reporting process.

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