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Department of Animal Science


Dr P T Saidi
BSc Hons Agric, MSc and PhD

Chairperson's Welcome

The primary role of the Department of Animal Science is to train graduates, conduct research and provide advice in the key areas of animal production and management, biochemistry of animal feeds and nutrition, applied genetics and livestock breeding, animal physiology, range animal production, animal welfare and the technologies utilized in processing animal products. This function is achieved through teaching theory and practice, need-driven research and outreach programs. The Department produces about 20 BSc graduates annually and 10 MSc graduates every other year. The research activities are in response to the requirements of the Zimbabwean livestock industry. In addition, MPhil and DPhil graduates are produced in varying numbers annually. The Department is actively involved in finding solutions to smallholder farmers' production constraints. Our main research thrust currently is the improvement of smallholder dairy, beef, pig, broiler and ostrich production, and animal draught power provision.

The Department of Animal Science is primarily concerned with propagating knowledge of the factors which affect productivity, the principles of management of farm animals and the way in which animal products are prepared and subsequently, processed for the market. This function is achieved through teaching, research and outreach programs.
The undergraduate courses provided by the Department of Animal Science have been selected so that all students are given a basic training in general agriculture, together with specialist courses in Animal Science. Therefore the curriculum is not a narrow specialization but is designed to produce graduates suitable for employment within the broad field of animal production, research and the animal food industry. Details of the content of courses given to Animal Science students by other departments are provided in the University Prospectus and relevant departmental guides. In turn, the Department of Animal Science provides service courses which students from other departments pursuing non-animal science options may attend.
The Department also offers a Masters in Animal Science, which lasts for two years. The first year consists of taught courses in advanced animal nutrition, physiology, biometry, animal breeding and special topics in animal production. The second year consists of an individual research project. This degree is intended to give students advanced training in Animal Science and experience of research in one of the important branches of the subject. We also offer and supervise higher research degrees, MPhil and DPhil, which may be full or part-time.

Our vision is to be the leading Animal Science Department in Zimbabwe and to be recognized by others as such.
The vision reflects the perception that the ultimate beneficiary of the department is society at large, through the agricultural industry. The results of the Department's endeavours will clearly contribute to the benefits of peace and prosperity in Zimbabwe.

Our mission is to enable our clients to offer the greatest developmental and sustainable contribution, through the animal industry, improve the livelihood of mankind. To this end, the Department guarantees to maintain excellence in teaching, learning, research and service to the community.
With this mission, the department recognizes the fact that by effectively fulfilling its mandate, the agricultural industry will be provided with the appropriate services, and well educated and qualified personnel, to ensure that the sector in turn functions effectively.

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