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Dr Munyaradzi Munochiveyi

Senior Lecturer


Dr Munyaradzi Munochiveyi

Qualifications: PhD Communication and Information Systems, Jilin University, Changchun, China – 2013-2017; MSc Electronics Engineering, Tianjin University of Education and Technology, China – 2009-2012; BSc Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town, South Africa – 2003-2007

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research Interests: Signal processing for wireless power transmission; Molecular communication; Machine learning; Cognitive Radio; Quantum Information theory; Artificial intelligence

Dr M Munochiveyi is currently working as a lecturer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, University of Zimbabwe. He teaches telecommunication courses at undergraduate and MSc levels.


  1. Munochiveyi, M. Wigner-Ville distribution MVDR beamforming scheme for Interface-Tolerant cognitive radio network. 2017 IEEE/CIC International Conference on communication in China (ICCC)(IEEE CIC 2017), Qingdao, P.R China, October 2017
  2. Munochiveyi, M. Non stationary Wiener filter design for channel estimation of PS-OFDM cognitive radio using Time Reversal Communication: A locally stationary approach. 2017 4th International conference on Systems and Informatics (ICSAI0, Hangzhou, P.R China, November 2017

Papers under Review

  1. Journal ISA Transactions: Title – ‘A deep learning based approach for foot and mouth disease detection in Zimbabwe’. Corresponding author: Timothy Kuhamba, Co-Authors: Thanks Marisa, Munyaradzi Munochiveyi, Wadzanai J Zondai , Ramson M Nyamukondiwa, Isheanesu Newengo.
  2. JSESD under review: Title –‘The Design of a Wireless Power Transfer Scheme for Inductive Resonance Coupling for Medical Body Implants using Geometric Programming and uniform variation of the metal spacing & width of the inductor’. Corresponding Author: Tinashe Samuel Zitsanza. Co-Authors Munyaradzi .Munochiveyi.
  3. JSESD UZ: Title- ‘The design of an error correction scheme for MIMO Nano devices molecular communication’. Corresponding author, Gladmore Mutesva  Co-author Munyaradzi Munochiveyi
  4. JSESD UZ: Title – ‘Design of an ambient energy harvesting scheme for a flying telecommunication base station’. Correspondence authors Kelvin Chaibva Co-authors; Jennifer Chiroodza Ndlovu, Munyaradzi Munochiveyi
  5. JSESD UZ: Title- ‘Design of a multiple output DC-DC converter for wireless power output in electric vehicles’. Correspondence author, Kelvin Thom, Co-authors Robson Mukungurutse, Munyaradzi Munochiveyi, Jennifer .R. Chiroodza Ndlovu
  6. JSESD UZ. Title: ‘Anti-theft monitoring system of power system conductors’. Correspondence author, Charity Ndlovu Co-authors H Hove, Munyaradzi Munochiveyi.
  7. JSESD UZ. Title- ‘The Design of a wireless power transfer scheme for inductive resonance coupling for medical body implants using geometric programming and uniform variation of the metal spacing and width of the inductor’. Correspondence author Zitsanza Tinashe S, Co-author Munyaradzi Munochiveyi
  8. IEOM Society International. Title- ‘Potential, prospects and challenges associated with the implementation of photovoltaic solar energy in Zimbabwe’. Correspondence Author; Takawira Cuthbert Njenda Co- Authors; Munyaradzi Munochiveyi, Todd Marufu, Jennifer Ruvimbo Chiroodza

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