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    Faculty of Engineering And The Built Environment

    Faculty of Engineering And The Built Environment is a university division specializing in teaching in areas traditionally classified as “engineering” for academic purposes.

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    Engineering And The Built Environment Degrees

    Our mission is to enable our clients and customers to make meaningful engineering contributions

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Mr Ronald Nyathi



Mr Ronald Nyathi

Qualifications: MSc in Informatics and Computer Engineering, Volgograd State Technical University –2017-2019; BSc . Honours Electrical Engineering, University of Zimbabwe - 2011-2015

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Research Interests: Computer Networks; Big Data; Network Availability

Mr R. Nyathi is currently with the University of Zimbabwe as a lecturer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department. He teaches Software Engineering courses at undergraduate level. He is skilled in GNS#, C#, C++, Python and is multi lingual in English, Shona and Russian.


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