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Mrs Elizabeth Samakande

Office and Information Manager


Mrs Elizabeth Samakande

Qualifications: Master in English Degree – UZ 2019; Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Degree English in Literature - UZ 2017; LCCI Executive Secretarial Diploma CCOSA College Harare; International Computer Driver’s License, BEB Technical Harare; Audio Typing Certificate, RECO College Harare; Dataease

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Academia member:


Work Experience

2011 to date    :  Office & Information Manager Electrical  and Electronic Department UZ

2000-2003       : Merchandiser, National Foods, Zimbabwe

2004-2007       : Receptionist, Dr J.L Mavurudza Dental Surgery, Harare

2008-2010       : Secretary, Pest Hunters, Harare

Skills: Computer, Internet, Communication skills, Conference organisation, Event organising, editing, English Literature research, script writing, novel writing and film directing.

Research Interests: African literature, African Mythology, Afrofuturism, Science Fiction, Post- Colonial Literature, Culture Studies, Film & cinema studies

Research Work

Samakande, E. 2019. An Afrofuturistic Reading of African Mythology and Heroism in Black Panther, Waiting for the Rain and Sundiata an Epic of Old Mali. (Academia)

Dakwa, E. 2017. Exploring the Depiction of Family Support in the wake of Disease in the Novels by the Mungoshi Brothers: The Fading Sun and Branching Streams Flow in the Dark (Academia)

Dakwa, E. 2016. ‘Branching Streams Flow in the Dark by Charles Mungoshi chases various branches in one story’

Dakwa,E.2016. ‘Forms of the novel: The meaning and function of the anti-novel, detective novel and psychological novel using examples from known novels in any language’

Samakande-Dakwa, E. ‘The Transanational Griot of Afro- Caribbean Culture: Discussing the search of identity in Edward Kamau Brathwaite’s The Arrivants: A New Worlds Trilogy’

Samakande- Dakwa, E. ‘A Pyschoanalyis reading of David Mungoshi’s 2009 Fiction- The Fading Sun’ .

Dakwa , E. 2016.

Dakwa, E. 2016. meaning and function of the anti novel detective and psychological novel using examples from known novels in any language

Dakwa, E. 2017. ‘Essay on Musaemura B. Zimunya’s Contribution to Zimbabwean Poetry’

Samakande, E, 2021. ‘A Transnational Narrative :A Book Review of the  Novel The Eternal Audience of One by Remy Ngamije’


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