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Governance, Committees & Activities


There was a lull in the activities of the Association from August 1989 to July 1994 when it was resuscitated with Mr Mkushi still Chairman. The resuscitation was however shortlived. It was not until the year the year 2000 that concerted efforts were made to bring the Alumni Association back on its feet to market the image of the University which had been severely battered by waves of student unrest and a mass exodus of staff to other institutions. This saw the change in name from the Graduate Association of the University of Zimbabwe to the Alumni Association of the University of Zimbabwe (UZAA) in a bid to conform to international standards and practices, and to widen the scope of the Association’s membership. In a show of seriousness to the Alumni project and its potential to contribute to the development of the institution, the Development Office, under a Development Executive who reported directly to the Vice Chancellor for the Association’s activities, was created.

Despite the good intentions, successive Executive Committees of the Association did not post significant achievements. The failure seems to have led to the disbanding of the Development Office. A further attempt to revive the activities of the Association under the Zinyemba executive in about 2009 did not make any difference. With Zinyemba’s resignation from the Chairmanship of the Association in 2010, the Association ceased to exist in terms of activities.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Vice Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Council Members
  • Ex-officio Members:
    1. Vice Chancellor
    2. Pro Vice Chancellors
    3. Registrar
    4. Librarian
    5. Bursar                                                       



The constitution provided for the following committees:

  • Organizing Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Student Committee
  • Graduate Employment Committee
  • Social Affairs Committee
  • Economic Committee
  • Cultural Committee

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