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Mission Vision & Values

To be a part of the University of Zimbabwe by engaging and involving alumni in the life, promotion and advancement of the University.

To enrich the lives of alumni by helping them establish life-long, meaningful and valued relationships with UZ and with each other.

To become known as the gateway to UZ and to meaningfully engage more alumni in membership programmes and service every year.

The UZAA‘s action will be guided by four strategic initiatives that will drive annual operating plans; informed by market feedbacks from its constituents and tracked and measured for success around selected key result areas. The UZAA Executive Committee will review this plan each fiscal year and will prepare and distribute a progress report.


  • Large pool of alumni both at home and abroad (Diaspora),
  • Increased annual enrolment and steady outflow of graduates (3000 graduates per year coming on stream).
  • Long history of the Institution,
  • Alumni occupying key positions in society, government and industry,
  • Large pool of University strategic partners,
  • News ICT landscape/developments,


  • Effects of socio-economic melt-down on University service delivery.
  • Poor records and old data base that requires updating.
  • Global dispersal of alumni that makes it difficult to take them in.
  • No Alumni culture.



  • Acknowledge and involve alumni and friends as initial stakeholders in UZ.
  • Recognize alumni contributions of time, talents and treasure.
  • Treat personal information provided by alumni and friends in a professional and confidential manner at all times.



  • Inform alumni and friends about UZ‘s mission, goals, programmes and achievements.
  • Provide alumni and friends with financial and programme information concerning the work of the UZAA and its activities.
  • Ensure the mission, goals and programmes of UZAA complement those of UZ.



  • Encourage alumni and friends to participate in and support the programmes, service and events of both UZAA and UZ.
  • Encourage alumni and friends to serve in the broader community as ambassadors from UZ.
  • Encourage alumni and friends to pursue leadership opportunities in UZAA and throughout UZ.

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