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Bachelor of Business Studies & Computing Science Degree (4 years)

Bachelor of Business Studies & Computing Science Degree (4 years)


Level 1 courses

All the Level 1 courses are core courses

CourseCode Description
BS101 Business Administration 1
AC119 Financial Accounting for Business
HCT112 Fundamental Mathematical Structures
HCT113          Programming 1
CSC0102  Communication Skills for Commerce 1
ECON104 Principles of Microeconomics
BS105 Business Administration 2
AC120 Financial Accounting for Business
CSC0103 Communication Skills for Commerce 2
HCT107          Discrete Mathematics
HCT108 Data Structures and Algorithms
HCT109          Logic Design and Switching Circuits
ECON109 Principles of Macroeconomics
HCT114 Internet Programming


Level 2 courses

All the Level 2 courses are core courses

CourseCode Description
HCT210          Software Engineering
HCT215          Microcontrollers, Microprocessors and Interfacing
HCT216 Programming 3           
HCT211          Database Concepts
HCT212 Automata, Languages and Computation        
HCT214          Discrete Mathematics
HCT260          Practical Project          
BS201 Management 1
BS202 Principles of Marketing 1
BS204             Corporate Finance 1
BS205 Management 2
BS206 Principles of Marketing 2
BS207 Corporate Finance 2
CSCO103 Communication Skills for Commerce 2
HCT207 Introductio to Data Communication

Level 3 core course

Coursecode Description
BS380 Industrial attachment and professional experience


Level 4 courses

A student shall take ALL the core courses and any TWO optional courses


Core courses

Course Code Description
HCT426 Research Methods
HCT424  Theory of Computation
HCT222 Computer Organization & Architecture
HCT423 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
HCT201          Operating Systems
BS408 Strategic Management 1
BS402 Advanced Corporate Finance
BSFM201 Treasury Management
BS409 Strategic Management 2
BS010 Management of Financial Institutions
BS419 International Finance
HCT226 Programming Languages
HCT470 Dissertation
HCT407 Data Communication and Networks


Career Prospects

Business Studies & Computing Science students can pursue careers as:

  • Systems Analysts, Software Development Management Posts in Commercial and Financial Services, Insurance, Banking and the Public Sector.

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