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    Faculty of Arts And Humanities

    Faculty of Arts And Humanities is a university division specializing in teaching in areas traditionally classified as “arts” for academic purposes.

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    Arts And Humanities  Degrees

    If you want to study Arts And Humanities please click below to see a list of our Degree Programmes.

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    Arts And Humanities Degrees


    If you want to study Arts And Humanitiesplease click below to see a list of our Degree Programmes.

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Our Faculties

BA Honours in Archaeology (HARC)

Additional entry requirements

A pass in all BAA Level I examination with good marks in Archaeology

Level 2 : A student shall take and pass 2 core courses and 10 options from the list below:

Level 3 : A student shall take and pass 8 courses from the list below, not taken at Level 2, and a Dissertation

Level Course Code Description Prerequisite Course Units Status
2 HARC0020 Later Prehistory of Southern Africa 10  Core
HARC0030 Archaeological Theory II ARC1030 10
HARC0010 Early Prehistory of Southern Africa 10


HARC0040 Prehistory of East, Central Africa 10
HARC0050 Ethnoarchaeology  10
HARC0060 Heritage Management  10
HARC0070 Arch. Site Management & Conservation 10    
HARC0080 Heritage Interpretation 10 
HARC0090 Heritage, Tourism & Development HARC0060 10
HARC0100 Archaeological Surveying* HARC0060 10 
HARC0110 Environmental Archaeology HARC0060 10
HARC0120 Bioarchaeology* 10
HARC0130 Analytical Methods 10
HARC0140 Analysis of Lithics* 10
HARC0150 Museum Practice 10
HARC0160 Archaeology of a Special Area 10
HARC0170 Field Archaeology* 10
HARC0180 Historical Archaeology 10
HARC0190 Computer Applications in Archaeology 10
HARC0200 Analysis of Ceramics* 10
3 HARC3370 Dissertation 40 Core
8 Courses from the above list 15 Optional

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