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    Faculty of ARTS

    Faculty of Arts is a university division specializing in teaching in areas traditionally classified as “arts” for academic purposes.

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    Arts Degrees

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Level 1 :  A student shall take and pass 8 core courses from the list below and 4 courses from a subsidiary

                                        subject which will be either Portuguese or German or Spanish


Notes:  Instead of POB (Portuguese) 1000 / 1090 / 1060 / 1080, a student may take GMB (German) or SPB (Spanish) 1000 / 1090 / 1060 / 1080, as a subsidiary subject on offer

                    Level 2:     A student shall take and pass 10 core courses and 1 core course (20 course units) as listed below

 Note:       Upon successful completion of Level II, a student may opt for either Honours in French or Dual Honours in

                    French and Portuguese at Level III as stipulated under 11.2.8 below.

                  Level 3:A student shall take and pass 9 core courses and a Dissertation

Level Course Code Description Prerequisite Course Units Status
1 HFR1010 Introduction to Translation from and into French 10


 HFR1000 Translation from and into French   10
HFR1030 Survey of French Literature, 17th & 18th Centuries   10
HFR1040 Survey of French literature, 19th & 20th centuries   10
 HFR1090 Introduction to selected texts of African Literature   10
HFR1060 Selected texts of African literature   10
 HFR1070 Introduction to letter and essay-writing in French   10
HFR1080* Letter, essay and report-writing in French & oral   10

Core Courses for a subsidiary subject

POB1000 Portuguese Language    10
POB1090 Portuguese Language and Oral    10
POB1060 Introduction to topics from Portuguese History and Civilisation   


POB1080 Topics from Portuguese History and Civilisation   10
2 HFR0180* Introduction to Commentary 10 Core
HFR0190 Commentary   10
HFR0200 Non-Literary Translation into English   10
HFR0210 General Essay   10
HFR0220 Topics from 17th and 18th Century Literature   10
HFR0150 Topics from 19th and 20th Century Literature   10
HFR0160 African Literature   10
HFR0170 African and Caribbean Literature   10


Portuguese Language: Unseen, Translation and




POA2050 Portuguese Language: Translation, Composition and Oral Skills  


 POA2060/40 Aspects of Portuguese Literature,  1700 to Present   10
3 HFR0230 Literary Translation into English 10


HFR0240 Non-Literary Translation into French   10
HFR0250 Literary Translation into French   10
HFR0260 Specialised Essay   10
HFR0270 French Literature 17th & 18th Centuries   10
HFR0280 French Literature 19th & 20th Centuries & French for Commerce   10
 HFR0290 Special Subject: Colonial Francophone Literature/French Literature   10
HFR0300 Special Subject: Post-Colonial Francophone Literature/French Literature   10
 HFR0390 Oral French   10
HFR0370 Dissertation   40

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