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    Faculty of Law

    Faculty of Law which started as a department in the Faculty of Social Studies (and later as a department in the Faculty of Commerce) has grown by leaps and bounds.

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    Law Degrees

    The Faculty has a proud and illustrious legal history having trained most of the country’s lawyers including judges.

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Our Faculties


  • Private Law Department
  • Procedural Law Department
  • Public Law Department
  • Southern and Eastern African Regional Centre for Women’s Law (SEARCWL)
  • Commercial Law Institute
  • Legal Aid and Advice Scheme


Notable Publications by the Faculty of Law Some of the notable publications by the Faculty after Independence are the following:

1. A Guide to the Law of Delict (Legal Resources Foundation, 2014).

2. Magistrates’ Handbook (Legal Resources Foundation, 2009).

3. Criminal Defenders Handbook (Legal Resources Foundation, 2008).

4. A Guide to Administrative and Local Government Law in Zimbabwe (Legal Resources Foundation, 2006).

5. Commentary on the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform Act, 2004)(Legal Resources Foundation, 2006).

6. Labour Law in Zimbabwe (Weaver Press, 2015).

7. Introduction to Law in Zimbabwe (Weaver Press, 2015).

8. A Handbook on Banking Law in Zimbabwe (UZ Publications, 1999).

9. A Handbook on Commercial Law in Zimbabwe (UZ Publications, 1996).

10. The Law of Contract in Zimbabwe (Maja Foundation, 2015).

11. A Compendium of Key Human Rights Documents on the Right to Freedom of Expression (Maja Foundation, 2012).

12. A Guide to the Law and Practice of Conveyancing in Zimbabwe (Legal Resources Foundation, 2004).

13. Labour and Employment Law in Zimbabwe: Relations of Work under Neo-colonial Capitalism (UZ Publications 2006).

14. Constitutional Reform in Zimbabwe: Labour, Gender and Socio-economic Rights (Zimbabwe Labour Centre and Kempton Makamure Labour Lecture Series Board (UZ Publications, 2009).

15. Women and Law: Innovative Approaches to Teaching, Research and Analysis (Weaver Press, 2011).

16. Gender-based Violence in Africa: Perspectives from the Continent (University of Pretoria, 2007).

17. Gender Justice in Post-Conflict Countries in East, Central and Southern Africa (Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria [and] United Nations Development Fund for Women (University of Pretoria, 2005).

18. Life Skills, Sexual Maturation and Sanitation: What’s (not) happening in our Schools? An Exploratory Study from Zimbabwe (Weaver Press, 2004).

19. Pregnancy and Childbirth: Joy or Despair? Women and Gender-generated Reproductive Crimes of Violence (WLSA, 2001). 20. Company Law in Zimbabwe (ZDECO Publishing House ).

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