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Foreword by the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development


Prof Dr A MurwiraThe Government of Zimbabwe has set a Vision for the nation to become an upper middle-income economy by 2030. While every sector of the economy has its unique role to play in delivering this Vision, the Higher education sector is undeniably the most powerful catalyst for transformation of the economy. The sector therefore must be configured in such a way that it is able to deliver on this national aspiration and vision.

Through this Strategic Plan (2019 - 2025), the University of Zimbabwe has not only heeded to the call by Government to deliver goods and services to the nation, but is charting its own new path to assert itself as a Centre of Excellence in research, innovation and industrialization among national, regional and international institutions of higher learning. The Government of Zimbabwe has introduced an Education 5.0 framework for Higher and Tertiary education institutions in Zimbabwe to deliver goods and services to society. Driven by a heritage-based philosophy, the Education 5.0 adds two new missions of Innovation and Industrialization to the traditional three missions (Education 3.0) of teaching, research and community service. It is my strong view that through this new Strategic Plan, the University of Zimbabwe has not only made a bold statement among other Universities as a leader in the delivery of Education 5.0, but also introduced a new model for outcome-based strategic planning. The Strategic Plan is both current and futuristic in its response to the critical challenges facing our nation, while on the other hand it gives sufficient scope for transformation of the institution itself into a 21st century university.

The Strategic Plan's guiding philosophy of Kuziva neKugona/Ukwazi lokwenelisa, which brings out the need to be conscious and understanding of our heritage, challenges and more importantly opportunities, and to be strategic and competent in the delivery of innovative, modern and transformative solutions, should be a source of inspiration to our students in the higher education industry. The University's vision of being "Recognized as Zimbabwe’s Global Centre of Excellence in Research, Innovation and Higher Education Training by 2035", and seeking to contribute to at least 30% of the advanced knowledge products, processes, goods and services in national industry and commerce is consistent with the Government of Zimbabwe’s Education 5.0 philosophy.

 I am therefore happy that this University of Zimbabwe Strategic Plan, 2019-2025 provides a purposive and very clear roadmap, as well as setting the stage for the country's premier institution of higher learning - The University of Zimbabwe, to take its rightful place in, and be of relevance to the delivery of priority goods and services that are at the core of the nation's industrialization and modernization agenda. I am equally thrilled to note that the document has a clear and well-articulated framework that has all the essential ingredients for successful implementation. I pledge, on behalf of my Ministry, and Government, to provide all the support necessary to ensure that the Strategic Plan meets the set goals. At the same time, I urge the University of Zimbabwe Council, Senate, University staff and students, as well as all partners and other stakeholders of the University, to be supportive of the Vice Chancellor as he leads the implementation of the Strategic Plan. With the guidance of this Plan, the University of Zimbabwe will undoubtedly, significantly contribute to the aspirations of Zimbabwe's Vision 2030. Government takes comfort in knowing that the institution is geared' towards transforming our society to prosperity.

Hon.,dr.,  Professor Amon Murwira
Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education,Science and Technology Development

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