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Department of Agriculture Economics & Extension


Dr S. Siziba
PhD, MSc, BSc

The Department was established in July 1986 and is one of the four Departments in the Faculty of Agriculture. The others are Animal Science, Crop Science, Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering. Prior to July 1986, Agricultural Economics as a subject of study was offered in the Department of Land Management as an option for specialization at undergraduate level.

The national goal to increase agricultural productivity, improve national and household food security, and raise income levels of the majority of the population residing in rural areas, depends directly on improved development and management of programmes by public and private institutions servicing the food, agriculture and natural resource sub-sector. Trained human resources are needed to create the institutional base to formulate and implement agricultural and rural development programmes. This calls for training and development of human resources equipped with technical, analytical and managerial skills required in research, extension, and agri-business for the sustainable development and management of agriculture and natural resources. The Department's mission in teaching, research and extension is therefore to equip agricultural economists with specialised skills to:

  • articulate the problems/issues in food, agriculture and natural resources
  • provide qualitative and quantitative information to policy decision makers
  • manage agribusiness firms

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