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gerald shambira

Dr. Gerald Shambira

MBChB, MPH, MSc Health Economics; MCPCPZ

Research Interests: Non-communicable diseases and Medical Education

Areas of Specialisation: Epidemiology and Public Health

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Research Publications (for the past three years):

  1. Rietmeijer CA, Mungati M, Machiha A, Mugurungi O, Kupara V, Rodgers L, Kilmarx PH, Roloff AH, Gonese E, Tippett-Barr BA, Shambira G, Lewis DA, Handsfield HH, Tshimanga M; The Etiology of Male Urethral Discharge in Zimbabwe: Results from the Zimbabwe STI Etiology Study; Sex Transm Dis. 2018 Jan;45(1):56-60;

  1. More Mungati, A Machiha, Owen Mugurung, M Tshimanga,P H. Kilmarx, J Nyakura, G Shambira,Vitalis Kupara, Elizabeth Gonese, Beth A. Tippett Barr, H. Hunter Handsfield, MD, Cornelis A. Rietmeijer; The Etiology of Genital Ulcer Disease and Coinfections With Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Zimbabwe: Results From the Zimbabwe STI Etiology Study; Sexually Transmitted Diseases: (2018) Volume 45 - Issue 1- p 61–68;

  1. Gerald Shambira, Notion Tafara Gombe, Casey Daniel Hall, Meeyoung Mattie Park, Joseph Asamoah Frimpong; Antiretroviral Therapy Outcomes Among HIV Infected Clients in Gweru City, Zimbabwe 2006-2011: A Cohort Analysis; Pan African Medical Journal, Pan Afr Med J. 2017; 27 (Suppl 1): 13, 28 May 2017,

  2. Faith Mutsigiri-Murewanhema, P T Mafaune, G Shambira, Tsitsi Juru, D Bangure, M Mungati, N T Gombe, M Tshimanga; Factors associated with severe malaria among children below ten years in Mutasa and Nyanga districts, Zimbabwe, 2014-2015, Pan African Med J. 2017; 27: 23.

  3. Hamufare Mugauri, Owen Mugurungi, Gerald Shambira, Tsitsi Juru, Notion Tafara Gombe, Mufuta Tshimanga, A Comparative Evaluation of the Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Program for Seke and Goromonzi Districts, Mashonaland East Province, Zimbabwe, 2017, Open Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2017, 7, 138-150,

  1. Stanley Tapesana, Daniel Chirundu, Gerald Shambira, Notion Tafara Gombe, Tsitsi Patience Juru ,Tshimanga Mufuta , BMC Infectious Diseases (2017) 17:602, Clinical care given to victims of sexual assault at Kadoma General Hospital, Zimbabwe: a secondary data analysis, 2016:

  2. Gladwin Muchena, Gerald Shambira, Nyasha Masuka, Mufuta Tshimanga; Determinants of multidrug resistance among previously treated tuberculosis patients in Zimbabwe, 2014, The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 21(11):1167-1172(6), November 2017;

  3. Zvanaka Sithole,T Juru,P Chonzi,D Bangure, G Shambira, N T Gombe, M Tshimanga; Food borne illness amongst health care workers, at a Central Hospital, Harare, Zimbabwe, 2016: a retrospective cohort study; BMC Res Notes. 2017; 10: 715. Published online 2017 Dec 8. doi: 10.1186/s13104-017-3030-x;

  4. Noriah M. Hwami, A Shamu, G Shambira, N T Gombe, M Tshimanga T P. Juru, Sexually Transmitted Illnesses in Masvingo Province, 2012-2015: A Secondary Data Analysis; Open Journal of Epidemiology, 2017, 7, 59-68

  5. E. Gonese, A. Mushavi , M. Mungati , M. Mhangara , J. Dzangare , O. Mugurungi , J. Dee , P. H. Kilmarx , G. Shambira, M. T. Tshimanga, J. Hargrove, Is Zimbabwe ready to transition from anonymous unlinked sero-surveillance to using prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) program data for HIV surveillance?: results of PMTCT utility study, 2012; BMC Infectious Diseases (2016) 16:97;

  6. More Mungati, M Mhangara,J Dzangare, O Mugurungi, T Apollo, E Gonese ,P H Kilmarx C Chakanyuka-Musanhu G Shambira M Tshimanga: Results from implementing updated 2012 World Health Organization Guidance on early-warning indicators of HIV drug resistance in Zimbabwe; Journal of Epidemiological Research. 2016, Vol. 2, No. 2;

  7. More Mungati, Mutsa Mhangara, Elizabeth Gonese, Owen Mugurungi, Janet Dzangare, Stella Ngwende, Patience Musasa, Maureen Wellington, Gerald Shambira, Tsitsilina Apollo, Chunfu Yang, Joshua DeVos, Jennifer Sabatier, Peter Kilmarx, Christine ChakanyukaMusanhu, Mufuta Tshimanga; Pre-treatment drug resistance among patients initiating antiretroviral therapy (ART) in Zimbabwe: 2008–2010; BMC Res Notes (2016) 9:302,

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